Спортивно-гостинничный комплекс The design-building company "Galana" was founded in 1991 on the basis of the large-scale "Voenproekt" company.

Nowadays near 60 high-qualified specialists work at "Galana" company and they do a whole complex of different kind of works including preparation of surveying, design and estimating documents of residential, public and industrial buildings.

The process of design development is carried out with using new and modern computer programs and it permits to reduce design development hours, improve its quality and lower working cost.

Our main directions are - Department of Defense, oil companies (LUKOIL, TNK), trade centers, restaurants, hotels, business-centers, residential buildings, tourist bases, auto service stations, wood industry and industrial enterprises, boilers, diesel-electric stations, gas stations, geological and topographical research, ecological projects, business plans. We possess Federal license for engineering of Russian Federation. We have developed ob-jects in Republic of Karelia, Murmansk, Archangelsk, Leningrad areas and S-Petersburg. These constructions were highly estimated by expert and control organizations.

Our company possesses great constructing and engineering potential, we are always searching for new ways of development and we can quickly develop your order with high quality.

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